Raising a generation of premium and techy finance professionals

The Techy Accountant™ is a global leading initiative aimed at empowering finance professionals at all levels of their career through practical learning, shared knowledge and cutting-edge mentoring.

Bridging the technology gap in the finance profession

We are here to bridge the gap between the use of technology and the expression of professional accounting and finance skills among young finance professionals in Africa through bespoke tech training to help graduates fit into today’s market place.

A new world for finance professionals

Diffusing knowledge and insights to uncover opportunities and the commitment to see them through.

The Techy Accountant Submit

One Submit Having locations all around the world bringing the latest accounting and finance technology to you
Coming soon.

The Techy Accountant E-learning

It’s divided into two (2)
Young graduate learning: Focused as the backbone for fresh graduates in Africa. Working professionals learning: Work related continuous learning platform for working professionals

The Techy Accountant Community

This is a platform to connect accountants and finance professionals all over the world irrespectively. Her aim is to build a strong global network with young graduates as well as working professionals in our field.

How good we have been to our community

The Techy Accountant Academy has made me more confident to go into the labor market. Apart from technical skills I acquired at the academy, I have learnt soft skills that will help me thrive in a work environment.

Itoro Essien

Associate Consultant, Lefort Consulting Limited

We had amazing mentors/facilitators who could answer the questions posed and delivered the courses in an interesting format to the understanding of all the participants. I would encourage everyone to partake of it if given the opportunity.

Pacino Francis


Founder’s - Section

I was privileged to have completed my tertiary education quite early in life and with good grades and then became a Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA) very shortly afterwards. My projections were that with my professional chartered certification and two (2) years of basic accounting practice experience, getting a job would be easier for me like the swing of a magic wand. The reality was far-fetched from my expectations. It was months of endless applications which almost led to self-doubt and depression just to mention a few. This experience and more, inspired “The Techy Accountant” initiative aimed at empowering Finance Professionals with a special focus on undergrads and fresh graduates; to nurture and guide them in their pursuit for career success. Welcome and thank you for being part of this phenomenal movement. I’m counting on your support and participation.

Toyin Olufon


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